WATCH: Tucker Carlson Claims Biden is Only Considering Black Women as VP and it’s “Probably Illegal”

In March of this year, Joe Biden told Americans that if he was elected President, he would select a woman to be his Vice President. His reasoning was clear as he said he wanted his cabinet to look like the actual makeup of the country. The selection process is still ongoing and is expected to conclude this week.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There are a number of minority candidates for the position and this has drawn the attention of Tucker Carlson. In fact, The Fox News host said that Biden narrowing his search to “only black women” is “probably illegal.”

Of course, the former Vice President hasn’t narrowed his search to only black women. Senator Amy Klobuchar was once a candidate, but dropped out of the race because she thought the position should go to a woman of color. Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Duckworth, neither of whom are black, remain in the race.

The Fox host ranted:

“For what could very well be the most important job on Earth, Biden has decided to hire exclusively on the basis of qualities that are both immutable and completely irrelevant—race and gender. And that’s it. But wait a second, you ask, isn’t that insulting? Isn’t it wrong? Isn’t it probably illegal? Yes, it is all three of those things. But no one’s pushing back against it so Biden is doing it.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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