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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Brags About Fox Refusing to Air J6 Hearings

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Brags About Fox Refusing to Air J6 Hearings

As of right now, Donald Trump is still at the head of the Republican party. There are certainly a number of cracks in his armor, though. Trump has helped a number of terrible candidates win Republican primaries, putting winnable political seats at risk. He has also lost the ability to post on most major social media sites, taking away one of the biggest tools of his political rise.

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But most importantly, Trump is clearly being hurt by the January 6th hearings. The witnesses who have spoken publicly have almost all been Republicans and most have worked directly with Trump. Polling shows that the hearings are resonating with GOP voters.

Even the Fox News network seems to be bailing on Donald Trump. The network seems to now prefer Ron DeSantis going forward. That doesn’t mean, however, that the network won’t continue to help Trump by shielding viewers from hearing anything negative about the former President. During his Friday night show, Tucker Carlson bragged about Fox refusing the air the committee hearings.

Carlson told viewers:

“It’s just absolutely shameful, absolutely shameful that the other channels played this crap without pushing back in even the mildest way. “Oh, it’s news” — it’s not news and your job in journalism is to hold the powerful accountable. It’s not to do their bidding or put their lies on TV unedited in prime time, which is what every other channel has done except Fox News, and we are proud of that.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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