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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Blasts Shep Smith as “Partisan”

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Blasts Shep Smith as “Partisan”

Fox News is often seen as an overwhelmingly conservative network. That’s not to say there aren’t personalities on the channel who take more of a moderate stance. Two notable examples are daytime host Shep Smith and legal expert Andrew Napolitano.

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Smith recently took issue when nighttime host, Tucker Carlson, failed to stick up for Napolitano when he was attacked by a Carlson guest. After Smith referred to guest Joe DeGenova’s attacks as repugnant, Carlson fired back. The night time host blasted Smith as partisan and angry.

Last night, Carlson again invited DeGenova to appear on his show. He said to the lawyer, “Apparently our daytime host, who hosted Judge Napolitano, was watching last night and was outraged by what you said and quite ironically called you partisan.”

The host continued, “Now, unlike maybe some dayside hosts, I’m not very partisan.” He then said, “It doesn’t seem honest to me when a host, any host on any channel, including this one, pretends that the answer is obvious. That’s not news, is it? That’s opinion.”

Carlson then accused his co-worker of not being transparent on the air. He remarked:

“Why do we find our selves in a situation where people aren’t willing to admit that their passions are guiding their news coverage? Wouldn’t it be better if we just said out loud you know this is what I think? For example you will never hear me criticize Rachel Maddow. I never agree with anything she says. But she is straightforward, it’s her opinion. Why wouldn’t it be better if we were all that transparent about what’s driving our shows?”

You can watch the segment here, courtesy of Fox News:

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