WATCH: Tucker Carlson Asks Deshowitz About His Time on “Pedo Island”

Jeffrey Epstein and the stories of his sordid life have shocked the American consciousness for years. With the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, attention has once again turned towards the deceased and disgraced financier. Multiple well-known figures have been connected to the pair including prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Friend of Presidents, the ultra-rich and the elite of Wall Street’s bankers Jeff Epstein remains an enigma to many in the world of finance despite handling portfolios estimated to be worth over $15 billion.He is seen here at left in conversation with Professor Alan Dershowitz one of America’s best-known legal experts. (Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images)

Dershowitz had defended Esptein against charges of sexual assault. Documents released on Friday implicated the lawyer in the case. On Friday night, Dershowitz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show in an effort to defend himself.

Carlson cut right to the chase, asking the the lawyer, “But when you were on pedo island, or you were on his place. When you borrowed his place in Palm Beach…or your house in New York. Every picture I’ve ever seen, of these properties, you see young women around. Were there no young women when you were on his plane or any of his properties?”

Dershowirtz responded, “The only time was through academic situations, when I was representing him as a lawyer — yes, he lent me his house because my granddaughter was in a soccer tournament, but it was empty. It was only the housekeeper and it was just a friendly gesture.”

Watch a clip of the lawyer’s denial below, courtesy of Fox News:

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