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WATCH: TruNews Panel Goes on Shocking Antisemitic Tirade Against Ben Shapiro

WATCH: TruNews Panel Goes on Shocking Antisemitic Tirade Against Ben Shapiro

One would think that ideological extremists on the same side of the political aisle could look past their choice of religious faiths. But who are we kidding, Christian extremists seldom pass up an opportunity to hate on the Jews, even if it means trashing a fellow conservative.


TruNews, the right-wing media outlet owned by bigoted conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, has been absolutely mess lately thanks to multiple appearances by “ex-gay” conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Late last week, Yiannopoulos and his confederates went on an antisemitic tirade against radio host Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish, during a TruNews panel discussion about how dangerous and disruptive Jews are that would have made Josef Goebbels tapdance.

“The love affair that evangelicals have for Ben Shapiro, who is Christ-denying, that’s a fact jack,” said commentator Doc Burkhart.

Yiannopoulos pounced on his chance to rekindle the Spanish Inquisition’s favorite talking points.

“Ladies and gentleman, it makes you an idiot. It makes you a lamb to the slaughter to be led by somebody who denies the most profoundest, the most basic fundamental metaphysical truth of our Universe, of our faith, of our spiritual commitments, and all of his wickedness and wretchedness flows from that denial of Christ,” he said of Shapiro. “If you can’t see that, then frankly, you deserve to lose your country, which is of course exactly what you are doing by giving money to and paying attention to people like Ben Shapiro.”

Nevermind that TruNews and its flock of sheepish viewers cheer at the dismantling of democracy by Republican lawmakers, but I digress.

“Now I know viewers of this program are much more intelligent than that so the overlap of Shapiro fans and TruNews devotees is probably miniscule. So I’m preaching to the coverted here but it’s worth saying anyway, isn’t it?” Yiannopoulos said.

Panelist Lauren Witzke, a sectarian in her own right who only days ago blamed Yiannopoulos for the recent COVID-19 outbreak at their station, jumped in to say that “people didn’t know” Shapiro is Jewish because he so poignantly disseminates right-wing propaganda.

“It’s all subversion,” Witzke chirped. “It’s all subversion to neuter the conservative movement and that is what his purpose is. So you know informing people – a lot of people just didn’t know. This is what he believes. He is very, very anti-Jesus. Very anti-Jesus.”

Yiannopoulos added that Shapiro “lets it slip because sometimes he can’t help himself.”

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