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WATCH: Trump’s One-Time Press Secretary & Family Friend Says He’d Have Encouraged Putin’s Invasion

WATCH: Trump’s One-Time Press Secretary & Family Friend Says He’d Have Encouraged Putin’s Invasion

What would Donald Trump have done? That question may never quite make it to an extensive line of inspirational jewelry, but it’s the one on many minds as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who the former President of the United Staets praised and idolized, continues his assault on Ukraine.

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The question has been posed to Trump himself, and appeared to stump him. Though he seems certain that Putin wouldn’t have initiated the Russian invasion of Ukraine if he was still in office, he couldn’t name anything he’d do differently than the Biden Administration.

Critics — including The View host Whoopi Goldberg — have argued that if Trump was in office, the U.S. would not be offering support to Ukraine, because Trump would be rooting for Russia and supporting Putin in taking the country.

Now his former Press Secretary, and his wife Melania’s one-time close friend, joins The View to share her insight from her familiarity with the former President.

“I think that [Trump] would have a completely hands-off approach. I think he’d be like, go on in there. He really admired Putin, and I saw that firsthand. I saw him say to Putin, ‘Hey, I’m going to be tough on you in front of the cameras, you understand and once the cameras are gone we’ll have a real conversation.'”

Trump was criticized during his presidency for his admiration of Putin, and even since the invasion of Ukraine began, has described Putin as a ‘genius.’ On the other hand, he’s also called for bombing Russia while pretending to be China, and watching the two countries fight it out, so while there’s a lot of curiosity about what exactly he’d be doing if he was in office, he’s not exactly being sought out by policymakers for advice.

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