[WATCH] Trump’s Favorite Rapper Shouts Homophobic Slur In Tennessee Bar During Pride Month

Only God knows why anyone listens to anything Kid Rock has to say, but there he was on a stage in a bar in Tennessee holding a microphone. The famously Trumpy rapper, who hasn’t had a hit song since George W. Bush’s final year in office, couldn’t get booked in an actual music venue designated for live performances and ended up playing an impromptu gig at a place called FishLipz Bar and Grill in the rocking metropolis of Smithville when some people in the small crowd began filming him on their phones.

Well, the former Bob Ritchie sure didn’t like that, probably because he wasn’t exactly sober and he wasn’t exactly someplace spectacular, so like his Dear Leader, he verbally abused the audience he was supposed to be winning over. And then, to the surprise of absolutely no one, he took it too far by using a homophobic slur on the first Saturday night of Pride Month, because Kid Rock is classless like that.


“F**k your iPhone, yeah,” the singer shouted at the camera while holding up his middle finger.

“Post this, post this,” he started chanting while pointing between his legs. “You f*****g f*****s with your phones.” The video cuts off before we can hear the rest of what he had to say, but that’s definitely a blessing when you consider how he started off his whole rant.

Security at the venue had been asking people to put their phones away, so that seems to be why the Kid got so upset that he was still being recorded. But we always have a choice of which words to use, and he seems to have been very deliberate with his word choices.

Gossip site TMZ posted the video to their YouTube page, but you can also watch it below. Warning: unedited swearing.


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