[WATCH] Trump’s Blog Gets Less Traffic Than PetFinder.com

Last week, we reported on the Former Guy’s new blog and just how badly it’s underperforming (kind of like his whole administration). As he desperately tries to remain relevant with no real way to directly communicate with his remaining faithful, Trump most likely expected his new communications to receive major coverage and attention.

And, not so much.

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[Screenshot via Donald Trump]
Any post coming from his “brand new platform” is almost immediately treated as a giant joke by Twitter, and rightly so. Perhaps it’s the distance from his daily reign of terror that’s giving everyone a new perspective, but Tiny Hands gets picked apart even more now that his temperament is no longer controlling everyone else’s.

In what must be a giant blow to the Orange Ego, Petfinder.com is visited more often than his precious platform, as is Delish, a site devoted to cooking and sharing recipes.

Twitter couldn’t get enough of that, of course.

Ari Melber joined in on the schadenfreude, dedicating a segment of “The Beat” on Friday to the Former Guy’s epic online failure where it was revealed his bloggery gets fewer hits than an old website devoted to animal adoptions. Referring to him as a “Florida blogger” (ouch!), Melber discussed how Trump is less relevant online than ever before, as well as his weak claims that he’ll be unveiling a better online platform in the future. If he had a better platform, wouldn’t he be using it?

Check out the segment from “The Beat With Ari Melber” about Trump’s latest failure, below.


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