WATCH: #TrumpHatesWomen Trends After Viral Campaign Ad

A viral anti-Trump campaign ad asks white women how Donald Trump got their vote. It points out numerous misogynistic and sexist comments and behaviors from him, including multiple credible accusations of sexual assault. The video is titled with a hashtag — #Trumphateswomen. Now that hashtag is trending and taking on a life of its own, with Twitter users chiming in to add stories and observations.

#TrumpHatesWomen trends on Twitter
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

You can see the ad below: Don Winslow Films: #TrumpHatesWomen. It showcases Trump’s boast about sexually assaulting women, caught on a hot mic; his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, and women who say that, during extramarital affairs, he told them that their appeal was in their resemblance to his daughter Ivanka. Finally, it calls for the women who supported Trump in the last election to view this video, rethink their position, and support Joe Biden.

The ad itself is getting a lot of attention, but the hashtag has also caught on. It’s being tweeted connected to specific stories, including the Wall of Moms at Portland protests being targeted by Federal agents, the president’s treatment of First Lady Melania Trump, to his push to reopen schools, his continued support of Ghislaine Maxwell after her arrest on charges related to child sex trafficking, and even to a 2016 campaign video from Hillary Clinton that showcased the same behavior and remarks.

In 2016, Donald Trump said, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” However, judging from the hashtag and the stories attached to it, the public isn’t buying that anymore.

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