[WATCH] Trumper Goes Full MAGA Anti-Masker In Costco

The irony of Trump supporters constantly complaining about the very situations they created could cure anyone’s anemia. First, they whined about wanting to get herd immunity, but they didn’t want to follow stay home orders and mask mandates to achieve it. Then they whined that a vaccine wasn’t coming fast enough, and then hypocritically decided to either ignore the ones that are readily available or bypass the issue by making fake vaccination ID cards.

And all along they wanted everything to re-open, but they complained about following mask rules everywhere they went. As the country struggles to get back on track, it’s the minority still clinging to the former guy’s rants keeping the rest of us from resuming a new normal.

By this point in the COVID19 pandemic, you would think people would be so used to just slipping their mask that it’s nearly second nature, but because it was politicized from the start, it not only remains so, it’s seemingly gotten worse as more people are trying to make themselves the martyrs in the cause against mask-wearing.

Aside from harassing schoolchildren, anti-maskers are also haranguing shoppers loading their pallets at Costco. A TikTok user who describes himself as “ThaMagaman” on Monday posted a video of himself walking through the giant warehouse and encouraging customers to reject “tyranny” by taking off their masks. No customers in the video were seen following his advice, however, and many of them decided to yell back at the man.

“You love tyranny!” he shouts at them in response. “You love tyranny!”

The mature exchange continued when a customer yelled at the man to get out of the store and The MagaMan replied, “You get out!”

“In six months, you’re going to be looking for people like me to stand for you!” he chided them. “Where’s the men at?! Where’s the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty?!”


“Where’s the men at?” Not in these videos, that’s for sure.


♬ original sound – ThaMagaman


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♬ original sound – ThaMagaman

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