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[WATCH] Trumper Believes Big Lie Because the Teevee Told Her So

[WATCH] Trumper Believes Big Lie Because the Teevee Told Her So

The Villages, the retirement community in Florida that gained national attention due to the residents’ divided politics, was once again Ground Zero for controversy this week as it hosted fringe Representatives Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA). While plenty of Democrats showed up to protest their appearance, the remaining pro-Trump locals turned up for the kickoff of their “Save America” tour.

There was ample coverage of the circus on CNN, where contributor Donie O’Sullivan found two pro-Trump residents who showed up to support the two most infamous members of Congress. During the interview, one of them spoke to the Big Lie, and why she still believed it.

Turns out, the TV told her to believe it.

The role right-wing media played in convincing gullible Trump supporters that he did not lose the election was on full display. O’Sullivan asks the Florida People why they believe The Big Lie:

O’Sullivan tweeted out the video, highlighting the woman’s ‘reason’ for believing Trump over facts.

“You guys both genuinely believe the election was stolen,” O’Sullivan says. “I mean, that’s — if you believe that that’s true…”

“Isn’t that horrible,” the man replies. “Is it horrible that we would even be in the situation to even think that?”

“But it’s false,” O’Sullivan says, to which the woman replies, “No it’s not.”

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The woman then repeats QAnon conspiracy theories about the election. After O’Sullivan says that her claims had been debunked, the woman says that couldn’t possibly be true.

“It has not, I watched it on TV,” she argues.


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