WATCH: Trump, Who Said Coronavirus Would ‘Typically’ Go Away With April Heat, Now Denies Ever Saying It

During the daily press briefing at the White House on Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump rewrote recent history by arguing with CNN reporter Jim Acosta about comments he made this year regarding coronavirus.

Trump had at that time promoted a claim that the disease could disappear by the time spring rolled around, due to warmer temperatures in the U.S.

By virtue of strict technicality, Trump didn’t actually say for certain in his previous comments that would be the case, but close examination of his words seems to imply that’s what he desired his audience to believe.

Speaking to a group of governors at the White House in February, Trump said that, “a lot of people think that [coronavirus] goes away in April with the heat,” and that, “typically that will go away in April.”

“We’re in great shape, though,” the president added at the time.

On Friday afternoon, Acosta confronted Trump with those previous comments, noting that the president “was saying this was going to go away.”

“It is going away,” Trump interjected.

“It’s April,” Acosta responded. “Mr. President, you said it was going to go away in April. You said warmer—”

“I didn’t say in April. I said it’s going away,” Trump interrupted, before pushing forward with the next reporter’s questions.

The president didn’t just say to governors that coronavirus could disappear by April — he also said it to audiences at campaign rallies, as the video below demonstrates:

Trump added that he had spoken with China’s president Xi Jinping, suggesting he trusted his word on the disease at the time. “It’s all going to work out fine,” Trump added.

The president didn’t make a strict promise that the disease would disappear by April, but he did bring it up as a strong possibility on many occasions, demonstrating that he wanted people to believe as much.

Featured image credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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