[WATCH] Trump Went From “Merely Losing to Flailing” In Just One Month

Politico put out a report on Saturday saying that President Trump’s campaign is in freefall even though, there is still a chance that Vice President Joe Biden could drop the ball in November, Trump and the Republicans are in a bad way. According to Politico, “As recently as one month ago, Donald Trump was merely losing,” reported David Siders. “Now he is flailing, trudging into the Independence Day weekend at the nadir of his presidency, trailing by double digits in recent polls and in danger of dragging the Republican Senate down with him.”

The report continued, “Trump has privately acknowledged he’s losing, and he is desperate to correct course. Republicans view the debates as an opportunity to gain ground, as Bush did following Dukakis’ emotionless response to a question about the death penalty in the event his wife, Kitty, ‘were raped and murdered.  “If anything, the underlying environment may be historically bad for Trump — so bad he may not only get flattened in November, but he might become the proximate cause of a wholesale shift in the American electorate.”

One way things are not looking good for Trump is he and the Republicans losing white suburban and elderly voters in critical states like Florida. Former Bill Clinton aide Chris Lehane had this to say, “The tectonic plates are shifting. On June 1, if I had told you that by July 1 the flag would be down in Mississippi, Woodrow Wilson would be off the wall at Princeton, Juneteenth would be a national holiday for companies, Black Lives Matter would reflect the great, not so silent majority, you would question my sanity. That’s all happened in 30 days.”

You can read the full article here.


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