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WATCH: Trump Wants Presidential Power To “Fire Any Executive Branch Employee” In Next Term

WATCH: Trump Wants Presidential Power To “Fire Any Executive Branch Employee” In Next Term

Donald Trump made it clear, throughout his term as President, that he was in favor of firing anyone who went against him in even the smallest of matters. In a Saturday evening rally in South Carolina, he declared that in his (hypothetical) next term, he wants the power to fire “any executive branch employee.”

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Check out the two clips below. In the first, Trump strongly imples — but stops short of officially declaring — that he plans to run for President again, and win. He’s said in many interviews that he can’t make an official statement unless the papers are filed, and since leaving office he’s regularly hinted that he plans to run again, even declaring himself the “45th and 47th President” in one video taken by an admirer on the golf course, but he never quite makes it official.

In the second, he starts describing what he would do with a second term.

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“We will pass critical reforms making every executive branch employee firable, fireable, by the President of the United States. The Deep State must and will be brought to heel.”

Trump seems to still be feeling the sting of Robert Mueller’s investigation into his cooperation with Russia, despite his later false claims that the report issued at the end of that investigation exonerated him. NBC reported back in 2018 that the then-President had tweeted a claim that he had the power to fire Mueller, despite a 30-year-old Supreme Court precedent saying otherwise.

In the fantasy world Trump built for himself in this speech, nobody would have the power to investigate a sitting President, since he could unilaterally fire the investigators.

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