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WATCH: Trump Trade Advisor Says Biden An “Illegal” President, U.S. Should Bill China for Pandemic Costs

WATCH: Trump Trade Advisor Says Biden An “Illegal” President, U.S. Should Bill China for Pandemic Costs

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro has been busy the last few weeks, scurrying around to gather data and crunch numbers to come up with his 36-page “report” that falsely declares the election was stolen from Donald Trump. He’s also been keeping an eye on his least favorite country on the planet, China.

He brought both of those together Sunday morning in one reality-detached appearance on Fox News. First, he falsely stated that Joe Biden will be an “illegal, illegitimate” president when he is sworn into office on Jan. 20. Navarro also continued to push the lie that Democrats “had a conscious, coordinated strategy to stuff the ballot boxes across these six battleground states with absentee and mail-in ballots and they were willing to bend and often break the law.”

Navarro added, “By the way … if we can’t run a free and fair election all hope is lost.” So desperate to help Trump remain in office Navarro also made the preposterous suggestion that the Jan. 5 Georgia senate runoff election be postponed, without evidence declaring that the state is “a cesspool of election irregularities.”


Navarro’s next great big idea revolves around the coronavirus pandemic. Within the context of criticizing China as a threat to virtually every aspect of American life, the trade advisor to the president said the U.S. should hold China accountable for the toll the coronavirus pandemic has had on America.

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Clearly not aware that Trump has been unsuccessful in getting Mexico to pay for his vanity wall project across the southern United States border, Navarro suggested that the U.S. form a Warren Commission-type body to determine “how the virus got out into the world and calculates the cost it’s imposed on America … send ’em a bill and collect that money. That’s what we need to do.”

You can watch both portions of his appearance here, courtesy of Fox News.

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