WATCH: Trump Tells His Caucus Captains Other Republicans Will Cheat During Iowa's GOP Caucus

Donald Trump didn't have to fight for the Iowa Caucus in 2020 as he didn't really face real competition. In 2016, though, Trump lost the state's primary to Ted Cruz. Immediately after, the former President claimed that the Texas senator cheated. 

Iowa, a key early primary state, isn't a strong state for Trump. The state's governor, Kim Reynolds, is backing Ron DeSantis rather than the former President. And in a video that went out to his canvassers, Trump claimed that his opponents would cheat. 

He urged his caucus captains, "Teach them (voters) how to caucus. Take them in your car on caucus night. If you have to do whatever is necessary, we’ve got to get them in. We got to make America great again. So do whatever it takes. If you do, we will win and win big."

The message continued, "You know, the other side does cheat! And we’re not going to let that happen. We cannot let that happen. But that’s what we need from you. Get in your car, get a lot of people and get down and caucus. Give a great speech for me. I hope you will. And I know you will have such confidence in you as you had in me. And you have in me."

Watch a clip of the video below: