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WATCH: Trump Surrogate Kayleigh McEnany Has Her Talking Points Torn Apart

WATCH: Trump Surrogate Kayleigh McEnany Has Her Talking Points Torn Apart

The Trump Administration has been attempting to spin his comments on Reps. Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley into a positive. His surrogates claim that not only is the president not racist, but that the 4 minority Congresswomen hate America.

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Kayleigh McEnany, Trump 2020’s Press Secretary, attempting to make these talking points while appearing on CNN last night. The surrogate, however, was quickly and was brutally reprimanded by former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm.

The Press Secretary began the segment by diving right into President’s Trump latest argument against the Squad. “If you hate this country so much, by all means, exit,” said McEnany. By all means, leave it and allow an immigrant who’s dying to be here.”

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The former Governor of Michigan had no time for McEnany’s argument. Granholm furiously shot back at the Press Secretary:

“She loves this country. All of those women love this country. They are serving this country. They were elected to serve America. They are American citizens. How dare you ― how dare you! ― tell an American citizen they must go away? This, to me, is such an un-American argument, to say that you cannot criticize your nation. What is the First Amendment about?”

The President has continued his attacks on the 4 Congresswomen, especially on Ilhan Omar, the one of the who wasn’t born in America. Many within the party, disagree with the strategy, though. Rory Cooper, a former top Republican aide said, “I do think there is value in the White House and the president elevating the ‘squad’ as the face of the Democratic Party. But this is the worst possible way to do that…. It’s not going to work with any persuadable part of the electorate.”

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