WATCH: Trump Supporters Trolled With 2024 ‘Campaign’ Site; Rally Pranks

A comedy duo calling themselves The Good Liars have created a 2024 campaign site for Donald Trump — and it opens with an admission he hasn’t publicly made yet.

2024 site proclaims trump a loser
[Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images]

Donald Trump still insists he won the 2020 election, although he’s hinted at a run for 2024. Davram Steifler and Jason Selvig beat him to the punch, purchasing the domain name for the website donaldjtrump2024.com. Any Trump supporter clicking through will surely be in for a shock though — the first thing a visitor is greeted with is the president’s face, next to the words “I’m a loser.”

I'm a loser, says Trump quote on fake campaign site
[Screenshot via Donald Trump 2024/The Good Liars]

A quick scroll also brings the viewer to a parody of Trump’s failed attempt to find witnesses to election fraud — it reads “Claim you saw voter fraud so Trump doesn’t cry about losing.” The site also offers an answer to the question, “How did Donald Trump lose?” To wit, “Joe Biden got 7 million more votes.”

The pair have been trolling Trump supporters in other venues, posting videos to their social media accounts in which they appear at Trump rallies and test the reactions they get from his most dedicated supporters.

In one such video, they approach rallygoers and ask directions — to the “cult rally.”

In another, they set up a table to sell merchandise at a post-election rally, with signs announcing big discounts — “Trump lost, everything must go.”

In another stunt, the duo added a bumper sticker reading “STOP THE SOB” to the back of a Trump bus — parodying the “Stop the Steal” slogan that has been attached to election overturn efforts.

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