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WATCH: Trump Supporters Rush, Attack and Threaten DC Police Officers

WATCH: Trump Supporters Rush, Attack and Threaten DC Police Officers

Donald Trump has long promoted himself at the “law and order” candidate. And part of that platform has been supporting police officers no matter what.

Photo by Craig Hudson for The Washington Post via Getty Images

A large number of his supporters have now descended on Washington DC to protest the results of the recent election. Trump encouraged them not only to come to the capitol, but to be “wild.”

And last night, many of the president’s backers grew both wild and violent against Washington DC police. The supporters not only rushed a police line, but threatened the officers with violence.

Video of the protesters behavior was captured and posted by independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager. In the video, many Trump supporters charge a police line and are deterred with mace.

The Washington Post reported, “Punches were thrown at the line and a woman was bloodied. Police used pepper spray to help disperse the crowd. It was unclear how the clash started or whether any arrests were made. A D.C. Fire and EMS Department spokesman said a woman and two D.C. police officers were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.”

In another video captured by Gutenschwager, a Trump supporter warns officers, “You lost both sides of support. We had your f***ing back, but we ain’t got your back no more!”

The “wild” protests are expected to continue today as Joe Biden’s election victory is certified.


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