WATCH: Trump Supporter Whitesplain Racism To Black Cop

Donald Trump’s supporters showed up at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to try to prevent Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden. Though their unlawful entry into the building didn’t change the outcome of the election, their actions revealed a lot about their true ideals and motives.

Trump whitesplainer
[Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Trump supporters tend to wave Blue Lives Matter and Thin Blue Line flags and claim to be ardent supporters of law enforcement. However, many didn’t seem to feel the same way when that same law enforcement stepped up to control their crowds this week. In a clip from a video captured by photojournalist Jon Farina, one interesting conversation stands out. In it, a white Trump supporter can be seen facing off with a Black police officer in a riot helmet.

The Trumper can be heard trying to ‘educate’ an officer, who has lived in America as a Black man, who knows his parents’ experiences, and says so, on race relations from a white supremacist revisionist point of view. He’s trying to tell the officer that there was no racism in the 60s, and that if any kind of race reparations are enforced, it won’t “make white people like Black people,” which he seems to mistakenly assume is the goal of reparations measures.

The officer remains calm, but does engage, telling him that he knows better, because his parents were there in the 60s living it. The longer video can be seen here, and more of Farina’s photos and video here.

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