(Watch) Trump Supporter ‘Violently Pushed’ Cameraman at Trump Rally

As President Trump took shots at the media on several occasions during his rally in El Paso, Texas last night, one Trump supporter took things up another notch.

As President Trump talked about the current unemployment rate among minority groups in America, a man wearing a MAGA hat allegedly shoved a BBC cameraman, knocking both him and his camera over.

According to The Guardian, Ron Skeans, who was covering the Trump rally for BBC, was met by a man who had somehow gotten onto the media platform.  He shoved Skeans, knocking him and his camera over.

A spokeswoman for BBC said that Skeans was “violently pushed and shoved.”

Skeans explained the attack as a “very hard shove” that caught him off guard.  “I didn’t know what was going on,” he told BBC.

Gary O’Donoghue of BBC’s Washington correspondent posted the video recorded by Skeans to Twitter (seen below).  “He was doing his job filming the speech. Nothing more, nothing less. It was an unprovoked attack,” Donoghue explained.

As depicted in the video, the perpetrator was escorted away from the scene by another MAGA-hat-wearing individual, believed to be a security guard.  According to BBC, a Trump campaign official suggested that the man causing the violence was drunk.

Members of the media oftentimes are faced with harsh rhetoric at Trump rallies, but it’s rare that things escalate this far.  Even after similar incidents have occurred, the president continues to call the media “the enemy of the people.”

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