WATCH: Trump Supporter Says Coronavirus Doesn’t Exist, Is Fabricated By Dems To Hurt The President

President Donald Trump has had a number of press conferences and public statements about the coronavirus pandemic and its spread across the United States.

Office of the President of the United States/Donald J. Trump/Wikimedia

Though he has referred to it as a “hoax” put on by Democrats and the media, he has at least acknowledged that it is a real situation, discussing it with leaders within the medical field in Washington D.C. and trying to assure the American public that he’s doing everything he can to contain the disease.

Whether people believe that or not is up for debate. There cannot be any legitimate argument, however, over whether the disease is here: more than 100 cases have been identified across the country, and six people have died so far from it.

Nevertheless, the “hoax” messaging seems to be resonating with some Trump supporters.

While speaking to attendees of Trump’s Monday night rally in North Carolina, NBC News reporter Monica Alba met up with one of the president’s most ardent fans, who told her that she didn’t trust reports about coronavirus, seeing as it is, in her mind, not a real thing.

The exchange between Alba and the woman begins around the 2:55 mark in the video below:

The exchange happened like this:

Alba: So you don’t think coronavirus exists?

Woman: I don’t.

Alba: So the two people [now up to six] who have been reported to have died from it in Washington State, you don’t trust that’s true?

Woman: I don’t trust anything the Democrats do or say.

Alba pointed out that it was widely reported, by several lawmakers and media organizations, that the deaths were real. But the woman wouldn’t accept the truth.

Alba: That’s been put out by the governor of that state, it’s been put out by bipartisan lawmakers…

Woman: (interrupting) Are they Democrats?

Alba: …Republicans and Democrats agreeing that there are people contracting the virus, two people dying so far.

Woman: I just don’t believe it.

A common belief among some is that a vast number of Trump’s supporters are ill-informed, but as FiveThirtyEight pointed out nearly a year before he won the presidency, that’s a misnomer. Rather than lacking information, Trump’s base of support appear to beĀ misinformed, formulating their beliefs out of “information” they’ve heard that isn’t based on factual evidence.

That appears to be the case with this Trump supporter, at least, who heard the president call coronavirus a “hoax,” and then determined, in her own mind, that it wasn’t even something that existed at all. Talk about your true believer…

Featured image credit: Office of the President of the United States/Donald J. Trump/Wikimedia

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