WATCH: Trump Staffer Explains How GOP’s Cheney Strategy Will Turn Off Suburban Voters

Alyssa Farah says that the treatment of Cheney will appease hard core Trump supporters but won’t work with suburban moderates.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The GOP has a solid base of voters that will vote for Donald Trump no matter what. There aren’t however, enough of these voters to win national elections. This was proven in the last election season when Republicans lost the senate and the White House.

Alyssa Farah served as Mike Pence’s press secretary and also as an adviser to Donald Trump. And during a recent appearance on CNN’s New Day, she explained why taking action against Cheney will hurt Republicans.

Farah told John Berman, “This is just a strategically unwise move by the Republican Party. When you lose an election, the last thing you should do is look back on the election and repeatedly relitigate it. The last thing we should be talking about is the election the Republicans lost. We should be focusing on the midterms and what the Republican Party is for.”

The communications professional continued, “Republicans are not going to win back the house by winning Marjorie Taylor Greene’s or Matt Gaetz’s districts. They’re going to win by moderate D-1 and D-2 districts and swing Democrats. They don’t do this by carrying on the myth that the election was stolen.”

Watch a clip of Farah’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:

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