WATCH: Trump Says He Can't Be Overconfident Because He Was Right About Everything

When Donald Trump was voted out of the White House in 2020, the country was still fighting COVID-19, and the economy was in terrible shape. Over the last four years, Joe Biden's policies have helped America successfully overcome COVID-19 and restored the economy. 

When Trump talks about his presidency, though, he paints the time as one of the great eras in American history. He also tends to ignore the fact that MAGA candidates have been consistently defeated in the years since. 

Still, Trump will take no responsibility for his failures. In fact, he thinks he did everything right. Last night, Newsmax's Greg Kelly asked, "But is there such a thing as overconfidence? I mean, you’ve been right a lot, but nobody’s right all the time."

"Well, they do have a hat," Trump responded. "And I don’t produce it. Somebody else — 'Trump was right about everything!' I mean, if you look at all of these many, many things, I’ve been right about everything. I’ve been right about immigration."

The former President continued:

"But nevertheless, I now know people. I now know, I believe Washington probably at the upper levels better than anybody. And I think I’m going to have some unbelievable people. And I have unbelievable people that want to be with us. I have, you know, as per the first part of the interview, tremendous people, some of the most talented people, they want to come into this administration. So we’ll see what happens."