WATCH: Trump Says Fox News Has Horrible, Vicious People

The first few years of Donald Trump’s presidency featured a mutual love-fest with Fox News. For many anchors, that is still the case. But anchors like Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, who have been critical of Trump, have become the President’s number one targets.

donald trump tries to suppress another book about him
Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Trump has, in recent times, hinted that he prefers the coverage of new network OANN to Fox News. And on Tuesday, during an interview with CBN, Trump said that Fox had become too “politically correct.”

The President said of he and his followers, “I’m not happy with Fox at all. My base hates what Fox News is doing. Fox News wants to be politically correct all of a sudden.”

Trump continued, “I don’t like what they’re doing at Fox News. They have people on that network that are horrible, vicious. You have people that work for Schumer, you have people who are unbelievably against us and viciously and they spew lies… I’m not happy with Fox.”

In his tirade, the President even invoked the name of disgraced Fox founder Roger Ailes. Ailes resigned from the network in 2016 after he had been accused of sexual misconduct by over 20 million women.

“Roger Ailes would never have let this happen,” claimed Trump


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