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[WATCH] Trump Renews Feud With Liz Cheney, Calls Jan 6th Insurrection ‘A Hoax’ As He Stumps In WY

[WATCH] Trump Renews Feud With Liz Cheney, Calls Jan 6th Insurrection ‘A Hoax’ As He Stumps In WY

Donald Trump referred to the January 6th Capitol insurrection as a “hoax” during a rally for his hand-picked MAGA candidate, Republican Harriet Hageman, the primary challenger to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Cheney, who is the Vice-Chair of the January 6th House Select Committee investigating Trump and his cronies, has long been a verbal critic of both Trump and his administration. After he left office, Trump zeroed in on Republicans in Congress he deemed “disloyal” or “not ‘America First’ Republicans,” and has gone out of his way to hand-pick challengers based on their loyalty to him rather than their experience or suitability for serving in Congress.

Now we can add “the January 6th Insurrection Hoax” to the list of catchphrases the MAGA minions will be spreading as they also attempt to dismantle our voting system from within. One of Hageman’s biggest applause lines came when she said, “We’re fed up with the January 6th commission and those people who think they can gaslight us,” one in a long list of right-wing conservative complaints that ended with, “We’re fed up with Liz Cheney.”

So gross the way she’s looking at Daddy Dementia Lean there. Also, she’s like if Dolores Umbridge was a traitor to the United States instead of a bad teacher at Hogwarts. Brb, my skin is crawling.

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Anyway, they said terrible stuff about Liz Cheney and used words the wrong way like they always do, because projection language is the default setting for everyone in Cult 45.

Never forget that they’re going to try to keep erasing our history while making sure no votes matter. And ignore what they say, but always watch what they do.

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