WATCH: Trump Pauses on Condemning White Supremacy, Sort of Endorses QAnon

If you haven’t heard, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are holding town hall events tonight. And thanks to an odd decision by NBC News, the debates are being held at the same time tonight.

Donald Trump threatens to sue Twitter
[Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images]
The NBC event is being hosted by Savannah Guthrie. And much to the delight to resistance Twitter, Guthrie has been challenging Trump for much of the night. One particularly strong moment came when the host challenged Trump on his support for white supremacy.

When asked point blank to denounce white supremacy, Trump once again hemmed and hawed. Guthrie refused to let him out that easy noting, “It feels sometimes you are hesitant to do so, like you wait a beat.” Trump essentially answered the question by furiously trying to talk about Antifa and burning cities with Democratic governors.

Guthrie then followed up with a question about QAnon. The right wing conspiracy theorists were recently deplatformed by both Twitter and Facebook. They are still in the good graces of the president, who had kind words for them.

Trump first told Guthrie, “I just don’t know about QAnon.” When pressed, he continued, “what I do hear about them is they are very strongly against pedophilia and I agree with that.”

Watch a clip of the moment below:


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