WATCH: Trump Nearly Falls Climbing Stairs at New Hampshire Rally

For most of American political history, criticizing the mental or physical fitness of a political opponent was off limits. This was never true for Donald Trump. When Hillary Clinton had a bout with pneumonia in September of 2016, the Trump campaign seized on it, sharing videos of the moment.

Image Via Screenshot

Over the last few months, it is now the President’s health that is in question. During a speech at West Point in June, Trump struggled to drink water with one hand and descended down a ramp at a snail’s pace. And during Friday night’s campaign rally in New Hampshire, Trump had another troublesome moment, almost falling while climbing a flight of stairs.

Journalist Molly-Jong Fast shared a video of the moment. She captioned the video, “The Trump campaign is obsessed with saying that Biden is impaired.”

Trump is clearly sensitive about the claims that he is in failing health. At a rally 2 months ago, he made a show of drinking water with just one hand. His rally crowd was enraptured by the moment.

The President has also continuously ripped into Biden’s mental state. In July, Trump said of his opponent, “I’d say he’s not competent to be president. Joe doesn’t know he’s alive, OK? He doesn’t know he’s alive. He’s shot, he’s mentally shot.”

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