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WATCH: Trump-Loving YouTuber Says Secret Service Visited Him Over Judge Jackson “Chainsaw Treatment” Video

WATCH: Trump-Loving YouTuber Says Secret Service Visited Him Over Judge Jackson “Chainsaw Treatment” Video

A YouTuber caught up in q-anon conspiracy theories says that he’s been visited by the Secret Service after he suggested Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson should, instead of being confirmed to the Supreme Court, get what he called the ‘chainsaw treatment.’

[Screenshot via Trent Schneider/YouTube]

As we reported earlier this week, Trent Schneider, who has a YouTube channel devoted to hunting, has been posting increasingly concerning videos following the smearing of Judge Jackson by Republican legislators. After misleading stories painted the judge as someone with empathy for child sexual predators, Schneider posted a video recommending ‘the chainsaw treatment,’ which he then demonstrated by running a chainsaw through a row of tall stalks, one of which is wearing a baseball cap.

He followed that up with a new video, declaring himself the son of Vladimir Putin and calling for the Russian dictator to “nuke the empire of lies” — although, according to Schneider, he’s just passing this message on from God himself. He’s not worried about his own safety — he expects to ‘rise from the ashes.’

In his latest missive, though, he shares something new, demonstrating that his threatening language and calls for nuclear attacks haven’t gone unnoticed. He says the Secret Service has visited him, asking “a lot of stupid sh*t, redundant questions they shoulda known,” and made him sign unspecified documents that he’ll be sharing later.

PatriotTakes collected a copy of part of the video in case the original is taken down.

Schneider also says that he knows Donald Trump, Space Force, and the extraterrestrials are all watching.

In the full video, he also expresses annoyance that the agents who arrived at his home wouldn’t tell him whether they voted for Trump, and that when they asked him his opinions on the President of the United States, he said, “What president? Trump? We’re in devolution! There is no president!” and declared Joe Biden an actor, none of which seems likely to have gone over well with the Secret Service.

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