[WATCH] Trump Loving Pastor Says He Will “Kick In The Teeth” Of Dunkin Donuts Employee Over Mask

Greg Locke, who is the pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee and known for his anti-LGBT views went on a video tirade against a Dunkin Donuts employee on Tuesday. The video was posted to the pastor’s own channel and in the video, he expresses anger over the employee asking him to wear a mask. In the eyes of Locke masks only “separated the body” from the “Lord Jesus Christ.”

Locke explained the encounter he had with the employee and that this was the first time he had encountered an issue about not wearing a mask. Locke says he had been inside the Dunkin Donuts multiple times without wearing a mask to purposely defy mask mandates. Locke said, “But then all of a sudden, here comes Nazi Skippy,” referencing the employee he encountered. For many, the employee was only doing their job but for people who are against wearing masks see the mandates as tyrannical, and anyone helping to enforce it is complicit.

The confrontation included Locke saying that he was holding back from “coming over the counter.” Locke also claimed that the employee falsely accused him of trying to “kick the glass out of the door” as he left the building. Locke said, “Let me be truthful in what I said because more than likely it’s on video and it’ll be on Newsweek or Time Magazine sometime this week.” He added, “I said, ‘If you call me a liar one more time, I’m going to take these work boots and I’m going to kick your teeth down your throat.’”

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