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WATCH: Trump-Loving Former Child Star Videos Costco Anti-Mask Tantrum

WATCH: Trump-Loving Former Child Star Videos Costco Anti-Mask Tantrum

Ricky Schroder, the former child star who brought himself back into the spotlight by helping bail out Kyle Rittenhouse, is on video again. That is to say, he’s on a video he recorded himself, in which he harasses a Costco employee for enforcing mask rules at their place of work.

[Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for DIRECTV]

A video posted by Schroder can be seen below, in which he harasses and harangues an employee at Costco. The worker calmly and repeatedly explains to Schroder that the mask mandate has not yet been lifted in California, and that the company always prefers to go above and beyond.

Schroder turns the camera towards himself and calls for Californians to demand a refund of their Costco membership if the chain doesn’t lift restrictions requiring customers to, as still required by state mandate, wear masks into their facilities.

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Store employees, though they may be the face of the company and on the receiving end of most customer complaints and rants, do not have the power to change company policy or state laws, but shortly after Schroder demands a supervisor, a manager appears and gives him his requested refund.

Schroder’s headline appearances in recent years have pertained largely to his activism efforts, including helping bail out Kyle Rittenhouse, who is charged with murder in the death of two Black Lives Matter protestors, then allegedly asking for the money back, and claiming that he planned to get arrested for disrupting the Biden Inauguration. In 2019, he briefly made news when his family said they tried to stage an intervention for his partying, and he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, Yahoo reported, but he was released without any charges.

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