WATCH: Trump Loudly Booed While Presenting Shoes at Sneaker Con

Donald Trump has many fans across the country, the man did manage to get more than 70 million votes in 2020. But there are just as many people in the country that don't like him. To avoid embarrassing situations, the former President normally avoided going to any major city in the Northeast. 

For some reason, Trump's handlers felt it would be a good idea for him to attend a sneaker convention in Philadelphia to hawk his hideous new shoes. The former President was left humiliated as the crowd loudly booed him. 

Desperate to raise money, Trump has released a sneaker line with both $200 and $400 sneakers. He attempted to present them to the crowd, though no one seemed all that interested. 

"Wow, a lot of emotion," a visibly shellshocked Trump remarked. "There's a lot of emotion in this room, thank you. So the really nice thing is that we have lines and I want to thank Alan and I want to thank Jason."

Most of the attendees at the convention were eager to grab the latest pair Yeezy's or a vintage pair of Jordan and weren't interested in Trump's offerings. Again, a wildly strange decision by his handlers to have him present to a rowdy crowd, but he is not working with the best people.