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WATCH: Trump Jr. Whines That He’s Treated Much Worse Than Hunter Biden

WATCH: Trump Jr. Whines That He’s Treated Much Worse Than Hunter Biden

In a change from Donald Trump’s presidency, none of Joe Biden’s children or grandchildren have anything to do with his administration. This includes Hunter Biden who has been a Conservative target for years.

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Donald Trump Jr., on the other hand, was all over television while his father was in office. He even wrote a book, of which the RNC bought $300,000 worth of copies. During a Thursday night interview on Newsmax, Trump Jr. complained about how much worse he’s treated than Hunter Biden.

The former President’s son whined:

“There is a double standard. If you’re part of that establishment, if you’re a Democrat, the media’s going to protect you. All of these things that we knew to be true. I wrote the book, Liberal Privilege, about this over a year ago, eighteen months ago. Talking about just this. Everyone knew if you be true, but the media went out of their way to sell it as Russian disinformation, cause they were in Joe Biden’s pocket. It’s ok to be corrupt, as long as you’re one of those guys and corrupt. Anyone else from the outside. Anyone else who is willing to rise up and threaten the establishment, on both sides candidly, that will not be allowed.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:

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