WATCH: Trump Jr. Whines That Democrats Started the Insurrections

The last 3 days have been quite damning for Donald Trump and his legacy. The house managers have made it pretty clear that the former president incited the insurrection. And egging him on every step of the way was his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The former president, still smarting from his Twitter ban, has yet to comment on the proceedings (reports say he is fuming). Son Don Jr., though is more than happy to discuss the trial. During a Wednesday night appearance on Newsmax, Trump Jr. claimed that Democrats committed the first acts of insurrection.

The president’s son told Sean Spicer:

“By that logic, we would take the last ten months and you would take the billion dollars worth of damage in looting, in rioting, in arson, in murder that took place across the country with the [Black Lives Matter] riots and the Antifa riots and you have the words of Kamala Harris, you have the actions of their campaign bailing out criminals. You have the words of Maxine Waters. You know, get up in their face. Nancy Pelosi, everyone.”

Trump Jr. continued, “We’ve all denounced what happened on Jan. 6,” he continued. “No one hasn’t. OK? That doesn’t mean that then, by their rules, that they would be absolved of ten months of Jan. 6 that happened across the entire country. Right? You had everything else. All ‘insurrected’ by the Democrats and by their rhetoric on TV.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:

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