WATCH: Trump Jokes That He Thought Anonymous “Might Have Been Jared”

Today, the political world finally found out who Anonymous really was. Back in 2018, an op-ed appeared in the New York Times written by someone within the Trump administration. It turns out that it was Miles Taylor all along. The revelation was quite anti-climactic as Taylor has been doing anti-Trump media spots for months.

Kushner false claim Trup plan
[Image Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America / CC BY-SA]
Democrats were hoping that the writer of the op-ed may have been a high level staffer like James Mattis or John Kelly. And Trump certainly doesn’t seem bothered at all by the reveal. During a Wednesday night rally, he joked that he thought it might have been someone in his family.

“You know this ‘Anonymous’ that everybody’s been looking for?” Trump asked. “It turned out to be an anonymous staffer, a sleazebag who’s never worked in the White House. Anonymous was a nobody, a disgruntled employee who was quickly removed from his job a long time ago for, they tell me incompetence — I don’t know what for, but they tell me incompetence.”

The president continued, “f you heard about ‘Anonymous,’ it was like it was somebody right next to me. I thought it might’ve been Hope Hicks. I thought it might’ve been Jared. I thought it might’ve been Mike Lee, from the great state of Utah. I was extremely worried about Rand Paul.”

Watch a clip of the comments below:


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