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[WATCH] Trump ‘Isn’t Running For the White House, He’s Trying to Avoid the Big House’ Says Rev. Al Sharpton

[WATCH] Trump ‘Isn’t Running For the White House, He’s Trying to Avoid the Big House’ Says Rev. Al Sharpton

People who have been watching the Trumptanic sink in real time know we’re at the point where most of the deckhands are scrambling to find a free spot in any lifeboat to avoid going down with the ship (enjoy the trial that you tried to get out of, Steve Bannon!), but there’s going to be a point where the Captain is left alone to float to the bottom along with the crushed hull.

Donald Trump knows his time is up, and while it’s been coming for a while, he probably never thought he’d hear his plot for January 6th coming out of the mouths of witnesses on live TV to make it all even worse.  There’s no more room left for this walking game of Three Card Monte in a badly tailored suit. I don’t care if I’m mixing all kinds of analogies here, the point is TRUMP IS SCARED and there’s nothing he can do about all of the truths. And he’s especially scared of the truths that are still yet to be heard, like the ones during Thursday night’s primetime hearing that will take the global viewing audience through every minute of the Capitol siege while fully emphasizing how it was all 100% Trump’s fault.

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Trump is also scared of what will happen if he actually answers any questions for Attorney General Letitia James once he “finishes grieving” his first ex-wife’s death and reschedules his deposition. Will he just take the Fifth 500 times, like Eric did, even though he famously said “Only guilty people plead the Fifth?” And then there’s the special grand jury in Georgia.

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While Trump puts on his fake public orange face, people who have known him and watched him for decades understand. His brilliant niece, Dr. Mary Trump, has already predicted he’ll be out there floating in a sea of his own despair all by his lonesome if he’s indicted. And the Rev. Al Sharpton couldn’t have been more right when he says that Trump’s public showboating and toying with the idea of a run in 2024 is pure performance art. During a segment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sharpton sized up Trump in one clever line. “He’s not running for the White House,” the Rev quipped. “He’s trying to avoid the Big House.” Preach it all, Rev!



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