WATCH: Trump Has “No Plans” To Be Reinstated, Says Lara Trump

Lara Trump appeared on Fox & Friends to address her father-in-law’s reported boasts that he’ll be back in the White House by August. In full damage-control mode, she mocks the networks that have reported on this, and explicitly denies something that is almost, but not quite, what has been alleged.

[Photo by Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images]

The claim is that Donald Trump has boasted that he will be reinstated by August. There are no reports that the ex-president has an actual plan to do so. However, in the clip below, it is the latter, distinctly different, claim that Lara Trump denies, completely failing to address whether it’s true that he’s making such claims to friends (or donors).

Of course, there is no legal process by which a former president who lost re-election can simply be reinstated. There is no ‘plan’ that Trump and his associates could have, within legal bounds, that would achieve that end. However, there’s also nothing whatsoever to prevent such a (hypothetical) boast, especially in private.

Since it was initially reported that Trump had been telling people he’d be reinstated, he’s been roundly mocked for the (alleged) lie or dream, as exemplified by Michael Cohen below:

There have also been mutterings around reinstatement, and the impossibility thereof, from several people adjacent to Trump’s inner circle, such as Sidney Powell, one of the attorneys who attempted to overturn the election in Trump’s favor, and Ali Alexander, who began the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement. Powell has tweeted to affirm that reinstatement isn’t possible, and Alexander has declared that the court system is the “slowest, dumbest way” to remove Biden.

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