[WATCH] Trump ‘Has Done A Whole Lot More Than Democrats Have Ever Done’ Supporting Civil Rights

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lauded President Trump’s record on civil rights during Wednesday’s press briefing. She was being questioned about whether Trump would do anything about police violence. She answered, “There are injustices that we have seen, clearly. That tape of George Floyd was inexcusable, gut-wrenching, difficult to watch. We recognize those injustices … but this president knows fundamentally that most police officers are good.”

She added, “This president has done a whole lot more than Democrats have ever done when it comes to rectifying injustices.” Raw Story points out the fact that Congress was ran by the Democrats during the passage of many key civil rights legislation, such as, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and the Fair Housing Act. Trump also added some reforms, although, they are seen as small compared to the previous ones. A notable reform Trump contributed was the FIRST STEP ACT, but he was also responsible for setting back civil rights actions.

Some important roll backs Trump made were  reform of forensic sciencehousing discrimination law, and  restrictions on police militarization. Trump also rolled back rights of campus sexual assault survivors

He did this through his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. For many involved in civil rights McEnany’s words simply do not ring true. Trump’s rhetoric on race has been seen as problematic since the day he announced that he would be running for President back in 2015. I t is simply unlikely that anyone outside of Trumps inner circle will ever classify him as a civil rights President.

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