WATCH: Trump Gives Nonsensical Response to Simple Question About Election Security

Donald Trump has been very focused on voting rights lately. Most polls show him not only losing, but losing by a significant amount. Trump has now turned his focus towards limiting mail-in ballots which are sure to be common this year.

Republicans have spent much of the last 3 years voting against protecting election security. And this message of making voting harder for many Americans has come from the White House. Today, NBC News’ Peter Alexander asked Trump why he wouldn’t devote resources to election security if he is worried about fraud.

Alexander queried Trump, “We heard your frustrations with how long it takes to count ballots. So why not spend more energy to provide states with additional funding for elections?”

The President, clearly irked by the question, avoided the question by insulting Alexander. “Peter, you know nothing about my energy,” he said. “listen, you know nothing about what I do.”

The NBC Reporter got a little more of an answer from Kayleigh McEnany when he asked a similar question earlier in the day. “What this White House is focused on is making sure that our election is not riddled with voting fraud, and that the timetable is not hung up here,” she said. “There are several lawsuits that the campaign has engaged on, and I would point you to the campaign for specifics on those.”

The Press Secretary continued, “Well as you know Peter, states run their elections. And it’s up to states to make sure that they have the capacity.”

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