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WATCH: Trump Campaign Lawyer Testifies That Mark Meadows Knew There Was No Evidence For The Big Lie

WATCH: Trump Campaign Lawyer Testifies That Mark Meadows Knew There Was No Evidence For The Big Lie

The January 6th Committee’s first public hearing included live and recorded testimony. Much of this was centered on demonstrating two facts: that Donald Trump was involved in an attempt to overturn an election he knew he had lost, and that the attack on the Capitol was not spontaneous.

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Along the way, the Committee released evidence connected to Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff, who seems to have played middle man, being the primary contact for many of those trying to reach Trump to plan events, and later to beg him to call off the attackers.

They released part of a deposition from Alex Cannon, who served as an attorney for the Trump Campaign. Alex testifies that in a conversation that he believes took place in November, Meadows asked him about evidence that was surfacing for election fraud. Cannon responded by telling Meadows that there was none to be found, and Meadows acknowledged this.

“I remember a call with Mr. Meadows, where Mr. Meadows was asking me what I was finding and if I was finding anything. I remember sharing with him that we weren’t finding anything that would be sufficient to change the results in any of the key staets…Probably in November, mid to late November…I believe that the words he used were ‘So there’s no there there.'”

Despite this, Meadows continued to publicly promote Trump’s false claims that the election had been ‘stolen.’

In late Noveber, he tweeted out further statements falsely suggesting there was evidence of election fraud in some of these key states.

Just days before the attacks, he boasted that House and Senate Republicans were willing to also endorse these false claims — claims that he himself had acknowledges as “no there, there” over a month before — by objecting to certification of the election.

The public hearings continue on Monday morning.

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