WATCH: Trump Campaign Chief Parscale Flustered When Given Real Poll Numbers

Poll numbers don’t always bear out during election time. During the 2016 election, of course, it was thought that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump in the race for President.

Brad Parscale – Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

They are however a useful tool for both parties. Donald Trump has tapped Brad Parscale to run his 2020 reelection campaign. During a recent Fox News appearance, Parscale told host Bill Hemmer than Trump has never had better numbers. The campaign head seemed flustered when the host fact checked him with Fox News polling that shows Trump underwater with suburban females.

Referencing polls like Rasumussen, Parscale boasted to the host, “Every standard we have to try and figure out what’s going on with the President and trying to win victory in 2020 we’re doing better.”

Hemmer immediately challenged the campaign aide with polling that said otherwise. “I’ve got some numbers for you,” he began. “2016, suburban voters, President Trump led Hillary Clinton by 4 points. Among suburban women, he trailed her by only 7%. Now, we did a poll here at Fox News about a month and a half ago and the numbers were very different.”

The host continued, “From December of this year, among suburban voters, he now trails by 11%. Among suburban women, he’s down by a whopping 24 points. How come?”

Parscale replied, “Well, those are different measurements, also. You’re measuring one on a ballot and one on approval. Those are different things. The President has never done better with all his numbers when you start looking at ballots.”

The terrible numbers with suburban women somewhat bore out during 2018’s Democratic wave election in the midterms. Women voters helped flip former Republican seats all over the country.

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