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WATCH: Trump Calls Children of Farmers Spoiled Rotten Brats

WATCH: Trump Calls Children of Farmers Spoiled Rotten Brats

Without support from farmers in the mid-Western portion of America, Donald Trump wouldn’t have captured the 2016 election. Times haven’t been easy for those farmers though. When the President engaged in a trade war with China, the Chinese government countered by slapping tariffs on farm products from states that supported Trump.

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While the President tried to help these farmers with a large bailout package, many are still struggling. And the children of some of these workers are not interested in a life on the farm. During a recent speech to the American Farm Bureau, Trump referred to these children as rotten, spoiled brats.

During the Sunday event in Austin, Texas, Trump asked, “Is there anybody here that does not love their children and does not want to leave their beautiful farm to their children?”

He continued, “C’mon, you have guts. Farmers have a lot of guts, c’mon. You mean there’s not one person who dislikes their children because they’re brats. ‘Cause they’re spoiled rotten brats? Ok, well that’s a pretty good group of people. Well, that’s the farmers for you, right? That’s the farmer. But think about that. People were wanting to pass along their farm.”

Trump also took the occasion to rail against his upcoming impeachment trial. He asked the crowd, “What do I get out of it? I get impeached. By these radical left lunatics. But it’s OK. The farmers are sticking with Trump.”

Watch a clip of the President’s speech below, courtesy of The Hill:


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