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Watch Trump Attack Joe Biden: ‘I’d Love’ to Fight Him

Watch Trump Attack Joe Biden: ‘I’d Love’ to Fight Him

While the 2020 Presidential election is still over two years away, and the Democratic field is wide open, President Trump used his latest rally in Topeka, Kansas to attack one of the stronger possible candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump didn’t attack Biden’s political views, but instead went after him in a physical sense.

“Remember he challenged me to a fight: ‘I’d like to take him behind the barn.’ I’d love that. That wouldn’t last long. That would not last long. That wouldn’t last long,” Trump said, as he imitated Mr. Biden.

Trump then showed off his bicep before blowing into his hand as if to signify that he would simply blow over Biden in any physical confrontation they would have.

“He’s down, and he’ll never get up,” Trump yelled.

While Biden has not announced his candidacy as of yet, he is believed to be one of the top contenders for the 2020 Democratic nomination should he decide to enter the race. Biden, who will be 78 years old by the January 2021 swearing in of the next President, may, however, decide to step aside for another, younger candidate.

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The entire clip of Trump’s remarks from the rally last night in Topeka can be seen below:

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