WATCH: Trump Astonishingly Mocks Biden for Being 'Sleepy'

Since entering the political game, Donald Trump has made it a point to give his opponents insulting nicknames. During the lead-up to the 2020 election, he decided to call Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe. Trump claimed that he was much more active and with it than Biden, who is a few years older. 

Lately, Trump has been the sleepy one. There have been several confirmed reports of Trump falling asleep multiple times a day during his current legal case in New York. Still, the Republican candidate doesn't plan on retiring this insult quite yet. 

Campaigning in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Trump told supporters: 

"Sleepy Joe... Crooked Joe... That Crooked Joe is a bad guy. I thought it was going to be a lot closer than that. Well, you know I used to call Hilary, and it was accurate, I used to call Hilary, Crooked Hilary and I moved it. i changed it over. Well that's very good, that's a cheap pull."

Over the last month or so, Biden and his team have done a strong job of hitting back at Trump when they get their hands on a clip like this. The copy pretty easily writes itself. The sleepy one is the guy who can't stay awake in court despite his best efforts and the crooked one is the guy who is currently facing 88 criminal charges, each with plenty of evidence.