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WATCH: Trump Appears On Newsmax, Lies About 9/11 and the 2020 Election

WATCH: Trump Appears On Newsmax, Lies About 9/11 and the 2020 Election

Donald Trump is feeling pretty good about himself lately. After 24/7 negative coverage about the Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe Biden is experiencing negative approval numbers. With those numbers likely to recover soon, Trump is eager to talk about them.

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So the 45th president called into Newsmax to gloat on Tuesday night. In addition to falsely claiming that he won the 2020 election, Trump also lied about what he was doing on 9/11.

Trump told host Rob Schmitt:

“Well I beat him [Biden] in 2020. I mean, I think we won the election by a lot. I don’t even think. You look at the numbers and you look at what happened on that incredible, fateful period of time because it’s unfortunately not a one-day vote. It takes place over a long period of time. We did great, and a lot of things are coming out now. You’re seeing them with the absentee ballots and all of the things that they did. It’s a disgrace. And look at what’s happened to our country in the last eight months.”

The former president was also asked about 9/11 with the 20th anniversary of the attacks coming up. Trump told the host he was down “around there” on that day. In actuality, Trump did a TV interview where he bragged that he now had the tallest building in downtown Manhattan.

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