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WATCH: Trump Allies Now Pushing “FJB” Crypto

WATCH: Trump Allies Now Pushing “FJB” Crypto

Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, has been a subject of both suspicion and curiosity in the general public for years. Like other forms of currency, its value relies heavily on trust — even the U.S. dollar only has value when the holder feels confident that it will be accepted in exchange for goods and services. However, when the potential for manipulating that trust through partisan politics enters the arena, everything gets more complicated.

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What happens when someone creates a cryptocurrency that is so partisan its name is literally an attack on a sitting President of the United States? Well, the answer to that question is, Steve Bannon uses his War Room podcast to try to sell it to right-wing Trump-supporting viewers.

Here’s Bannon, on his podcast, explaining the “FJB” coin.

He describes it as “a currency for the deplorables,” and ensures would-be purchasers that they’re joining a “community” by putting their money into this particular crypto.

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FJB stands for “F*** Joe Biden,” and Bannon declares, “We’re very proud of our stance against the Biden regime, and we will never back down.”

According to CoinBase, though, the FJB coin (also listed as “Let’s Go Brandon”) isn’t moving much at the moment. The current stated value is about two-tenths of a cent per coin.

The official FJB Coin website describes the currency as part of a movement, centered around the freedom to voice views without being shamed or ‘canceled,’ and charitable giving to veterans and first responders. The site does not detail what charitable giving is involved, but does boast that 7,000 people are now FJB coinholders.

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