[WATCH] Trump Aide Promoted Racism On Social Media

A man was caught on video raging against protesters with a chainsaw while screaming the n-word. Most people who saw the video were appalled at the racist man’s actions, however, one Trump aide did not feel the same horror as everyone else. A report by Politico says that

Mercedes Schlapp, who is a senior Trump campaign advisor thought the video was fine and promoted it on her Twitter.

The report says, “President Donald Trump and his allies for years have amplified racist messages on Twitter while simultaneously reaching out to black and Hispanic voters, a dissonant balancing act that’s now rocking the GOP amid nationwide racial-justice protests. The two competing forces collided Saturday on the Twitter feed of Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp when she boosted a tweet that lauded a man in Texas in a viral video as he yelled the n-word and wielded a chainsaw to chase away anti-racism demonstrators.”

Schlapp then edited out the n-word from the video seemingly believing that the video would be better accepted that way. Politico goes on to say, “After POLITICO reached out to her and the campaign, Schlapp then retweeted another account that posted a version of the video that muted the racist slur,” Politico pointed out that both videos have vanished from Schlapp’s account.

“Beyond Trump’s inner circle, Republicans have been under fire over racist social-media posts in Texas, where the chainsaw incident happened, triggering strife within GOP circles. Against this backdrop, Schlapp‘s retweet highlighted how the Trump campaign operates in contradictory worlds of its own making. On one hand, Schlapp favorably promoted a man spewing anti-black racism and on the other, she urged black people to vote for Trump just three days prior in an online campaign discussion on race.”

It will be interesting to see how this affects Trump’s ability to court the black vote.

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