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[WATCH] Trump Advisers Concerned His Endorsement is ‘Losing Power’

[WATCH] Trump Advisers Concerned His Endorsement is ‘Losing Power’

As Rick Wilson so famously says, Everything Trump Touches Dies.

After Susan Wright, the candidate Trump endorsed in Texas lost her race, the Former Guy stumbled through one of his typical non-apologetic word salad explanations for why MAGA had stopped winning. Toxic narcissists point their tiny fingers in every possible direction but at themselves when they fail, but this isn’t just a one-off anomaly.

Every failed business (Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Wine, etc). The bankrupt casinos. The investigations into the Trump Organization. The forthcoming trials in New York and Atlanta. None of these things phase the MAGA faithful, but that demographic is shrinking by the day as the Delta variant blazes through the unvaccinated populations in Red states and counties.

In fact, advisers in Trump’s inner circle are growing increasingly concerned that his stamp of approval for a candidate might mean immediate disapproval from the public. A shocking revelation to no one except the willfully obtuse who are too close to the issue to see it clearly, the Trump name isn’t a good one to be associated with, now and forever.

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Some in the Florida Retiree’s orbit worry that he’s been too prolific in endorsing candidates running in contested primaries, potentially diminishing their overall power. Trump — who as president frequently bragged about his near-perfect record in endorsing in Republican primaries — rarely endorsed during 2020 nomination contests, and he occasionally got burned when he did, lashing out at those who urged him to back a losing candidate in a North Carolina primary. This time, Trump is getting involved early in an array of primaries, including those for Alabama and North Carolina Senate. Some Republicans, however, pin partial blame for Wright’s loss in Texas on Trump. While he sent out statements reiterating his support for Wright and hosted a late tele-rally for her, he made no fundraising efforts to boost her campaign, something he could have done using his vast small-donor network.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” devoted a portion of their show on Thursday to cover the issue, which made for some tasty schadenfreude along with our coffee. Watch the full segment, below.


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