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WATCH: Trump Adviser Says Putin Invaded Ukraine Due to Biden’s Green Energy Policy

WATCH: Trump Adviser Says Putin Invaded Ukraine Due to Biden’s Green Energy Policy

It is not immediately clear why Vladimir Putin chose to invade now. The Russian president has been hinting about the move for years now. Despite all the time to plan, the invasion has been haphazard and poorly executed.

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Conservative pundits, ignoring Donald Trump’s frequent praise for Putin, would really like to blame the invasion on the current President. That’s just what ex-Trump adviser Stephen Moore attempted to do during a Sunday appearance on Fox News.

“The entire Russian economy is really financed with oil,” the economic adviser began. “And it is so frustrating, and even almost immoral, that here we are in a situation today where we’re now actually importing oil from the Russians. And in fact, that means that we’re actually inadvertently helping finance the Russian war machine. And that would not be happening if Donald Trump were president today. Under President Trump 14 months ago, the United States was independent of oil from Russia and Saudi Arabia.”

Moore continued, “So, I do believe that this situation we’re in now is the direct consequence of a radical green energy policy by the Biden administration that wasn’t taking into account the consequences of America giving up its energy independence.”

Host Rachel Campos-Duffy weighed in, “Stephen, you are 100% right. I have been calling this the Green New Deal war, because absolutely–.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News channel:

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