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[WATCH] Trouble in Trump’s Terror-dise? Greene Disputes Lindell’s Claims of Reinstatement

[WATCH] Trouble in Trump’s Terror-dise? Greene Disputes Lindell’s Claims of Reinstatement

The MAGAts are starting to eat each other, but it’s those of us who get to watch who are licking our fingers over the tasty Trumplosion happening in front of us on the daily.

People are actually taking bets on which Trump kid is going to flip on the others first. Rudy Giuliani can no longer practice law in New York. Allen Weisselberg was perp-walked into court when the Trump Organization was formally charged with 15 counts including tax fraud, and Roger Stone’s days of enjoying free air are very limited. And now that the Special Select Committee has been given the power to subpoena, their ability to investigate the events of January 6th just got a whole lot more interesting for the Democrats and a lot scarier for the Republicans. So the MAGA minions are feverishly trolling liberals on Twitter trying to scapegoat the Clintons for the assassination of the Haitian President (yes, they’re trying that) while also pushing to keep the “Who Killed Ashli Babbitt?” cliffhanger going in their attempt to paint her as a January 6th martyr, as if we all don’t know it was a member of Mike Pence’s Secret Service detail.

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But there’s nothing like watching Republicans throw each other under any motorized vehicle available when they’re scared, especially the worst ones. And so it was that two of the Trumpiest Trumpers found themselves at odds over those pesky rumors that someone was coming back to the White House in August, and we don’t mean Jesus or Major Biden.

Marjorie Taylor “I Don’t Have to Learn About the Holocaust and You Can’t Make Me” Greene appeared on Steve Bannon’s White Power Hour on “Real America’s Voice” (lol ok, Trumpers) and disputed MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s assertion that the Former Guy would be back in the Oval Office on August 13th.

Greene (Q-GA) is perfectly fine to keep pushing the Big Lie that Trump won in 2020 (math is hard, isn’t it, petal?), but don’t try to fool her over him getting that gig back so soon. Remember, these are her words, we’re just the messengers:

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“We re-elected President* (asterisk ours) Trump on November 3rd in 2020,” Greene, who also opposes the vaccines but is most likely vaccinated herself, told Bannon. “I want people to be careful in what they believe. It’s going to be very difficult to overturn the 2020 election and so I would hate for anyone to get their hopes up thinking that President* Trump is going to back in the White House in August. Because that’s not true.”

All of it’s not true, but hey, there’s no delusion like a QAnon delusion. If you can tolerate it, here’s a peek into Cult 45.

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